Mia and the Mindfulness Magician

The Wellbeing Stories are aimed at the 9-13 age group and each deals with a relevant issue in their lives. Based on resilience research and combining positive and narrative psychology,  the wellbeing stories offer teachers and parents an opportunity to raise issues with young people in a safe and fun way.  They show that some ways of thinking are helpful and others get in the way of wellbeing.

Mia and the Mindfulness Magician is about a young girl who experiences several challenging things in her life in a short period of time. She breaks her wrist falling off her bike, her closest friend moves away and finally her much loved grandmother is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Each one of these events has repercussions that interact with each other. Mia loses her place on the netball team, she struggles to communicate with Alice who is in a different time zone and her family, usually very supportive are tied up with their concerns for Gran. Mia ends up feeling very lost and alone.

One tough thing at a time is bad enough but most people can cope with this. Several at once, however is much, much harder. Mia falls into a pit of depression which makes her feel exhausted and hopeless. Her mum only realises how bad things have got when Mia can’t get up one morning. She takes her to a counsellor who is able to help by introducing he to mindfulness