Licence to print / electronic copy

We do sell a full pdf copy of the Education set, priced as a licence to print copies.

The licence to print would cost £650 – less than the cost of seven education sets.

The electronic copy would include high-quality-print pdf versions of all of the stories, teacher toolkits and family toolkits, the worksheets and character posters. All of the pdfs would include a non-editable watermark indicating that the purchaser had printed these under licence. The format of that watermark can be agreed with you – eg to include a logo.

The pdfs would be in two formats – a simple pdf of each document, and a copy formatted for printing complete sets booklet style (A4 folding to an A5 booklet for the toolkits, and A3 folding to A4 for the stories). The covers will be in separate pdfs, as we would recommend printing those on heavier paper – we print the story covers on 180gsm glossy paper, and the toolkit covers on 280gsm glossy paper. The stories total 168 pages and the toolkits 280 pages (not including covers), plus 15 pages of worksheets and 10 character posters.

Contact admin@ if you’re interested.